Photo album with beautiful color photographs, documenting the journey of Alice and Janusz Dramińscy in the underwater world of Indonesia.


Format 285 x 370 mm,
ISBN 978-83-945805-0-6






Album published 2012 by DRAMINSKI Publishing. This edition contains pictures of Red Sea and many more magnificent diving destinations.


It is underwater world photographer permanent dilemma: publish fascinating pictures of the rare speci see fauna or rather attemp to present exceptional beauty of cay, an underwated garden? Finally there is a bibligraphy to classify fisher and other sea creatures – Let’s leave species identification to biologists.


Size 285 x 370 mm hardcover with jacket: Olsztyńskie Zakłady Graficzne, ISBN 978-83-935439-0-8




The next edition of 7-cards calendar (format 680 x 475 mm) with colorful photographs of underwater world made by us. This year, we wanted to share the wonderful views of Indonesian reefs. We hope that each calendar card will arouse positive emotions and remind that in such a busy world the vacation is what you need.